How we work


Partners over simple clients.
We want to get to know you, but truly know you and your team.
More than just providing services to you, we want to help you as if your brand was ours, in Love & Fear we are your partners in crime.

Our process starts with an inmersive phase, were we work step by step with your team and anyone who wants to be involve in the journey of creating a powerful and meaningful brand.

We have Brand Sessions where your team can learn and be inspire on how to keep building a brand that reflects your company’s identity and culture. Alongside we provide strategy and design services to bring all the ideas come to life.


Every brand is different and is living a different journey, this is why we work with a wide network of collaborators from around the globe. You will get a personalized team depending on your brand’s needs.

From visual artists, service designers, filmmakers, photographers, copywriters, illustrators to psychologists.
We can connect you with the creative talent you need without the hustle of the recruiting processes.

This is a network of creative friends, creative humans who are in love with humans brands.

Mariana Vázquez

Creative Project Manager

Andrea Infante

Psychologist & Service Designer

Jose Soler

Artist & Web Developer

Macarena Martínez

Integral Designer

Valentina Osnovikoff


Elisa Díaz

Photographer and Filmmaker