We Believe

Human Brands

As human beings we are run by emotions, we either do something because we love it or because we are afraid of it.

Every brand is created by people and for people, so understanding what moves us (a.k.a. our emotions) is a key element for any brand’s ultimate goal: to connect with others.

Quoting the great Brené Brown, emotions shape our thoughts and decisions, so understanding how we feel is the only way to undserstand what we think and how we act. And this is the road that can take us to meaninful connections.

In a world of brands making noise, competing to see who yells the loudest, true connection seems to be a lost art, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe creativity is all about connection, this is why we wanted to make creativity human again: made by humans, for humans.

In real
life ideas

We believe in real life as a space of possibilities: a space for a face-to-face creativity, a space to be experimental or weird– beyond the metrics, a space for getting people together.

The world is not online or offline, the world is just one, but everything starts in real life. We believe in “real first” over “digital first”.

People are real.
Feelings are real.

This is why we believe a fresh perspective is needed, because social media cannot be the only answer to everything, although we are suckers for it, as much as you probably.

All we are saying is that the possibilities for creativity are endless out there, so let’s go and explore them together.